Sustainable design

After many years of experience in exhibitions’ field, our main goal is to reduce KreMa’s environmental impact.
To do that, our production and design is based on using eco-sustainable materials.

Aluvision system

Aluvision system is one of the latest solutions we adopted to make a real upgrade in quality of our projects.

Thanks to Aluvision Frame System is easy to set-up high visual impact structures starting from modular elements. Aluvision also offers complete solutions with artworks and multimedia elements.

Air quality

As well as reusing materials and structures, we prefer using real plants, to help improve air quality and avoiding waste.
We take care of plants for exhibitions also after the event: we often use them in more than one project.

Eco-sustainable materials

We offer a wide choice of solutions for all the structures and all the finish of the materials by choosing totally recyclable materials.

Both of our carpets and wooden floors are made from recycled material and, as well as being used several times, at the end of life are recycled again.