What can we
do for you?

We provide complete projects, from the idea to the build-up, following qualitative, technical and stylistic rules directly from Made in Italy.

Our team designs and offers suitable solutions to represent your company and to emphasize the uniqueness of your brand.


Our technical team follows the client step by step, from concept to completion of the project.

We are on hand for any problem or changes throughout the design process and we guarantee punctuality and efficiency.

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Thanks to the work in close contact between design office and laboratory, KreMa can create customized structures, designed specifically on the client’s requests.

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Build-up team’s experience allows KreMa to be efficient in project execution.

Thanks to technical and logistic support, we help the client during all phases of set-up.

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Logistic support


Logistic office supports the client for any difficulty or in case of problems.

Client will be helped for the event’s registration, fill in forms and permits, in the handling of loading and unloading of goods…

Rental furniture


KreMa has a rich catalogue to fulfil any need for furniture and lighting.

We offer to the client the convenience of renting: our company takes care of transport and pack the goods. In this way, we avoid any kind of problem or delay.



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The new turntable
is an innovative, smart and dynamic solution!




PG4500 rotating platform is the best in versatility
and ease of transport, assembly, disassembly and use.